Embodied Learning Session

Friday 9 September 2011

Embodied Training

How we think, what we feel and what we are capable of doing is determined by our bodies. How others perceive us, how we get along with them and what we are able to see in them is also bodily. In fact most aspects of work and human relationships are embodied, and this certainly applies to learning and development.

The communication skills and charisma a trainer or leader has in underpinned by their physical presence. Embodied Management Training is a leading-edge approach to leadership which helps people build impact, influence and trust, by working non athletically with posture and movement. More than body language, embodied training works with who someone is and what they are capable of. Key embodied skills include self-awareness (the basis of all leadership), the ability “centre” under pressure and reading and empathising with others. Emotional intelligence is apart of embodied training and this has been shown to have a huge impact on career success.

In this interactive workshop you explore the fundamentals of embodied training and how it is useful for trainers, managers and coaches. You will reveal some of your own dispositions (normally hidden) and learn how to get “yourself together” under pressure. You will gain insight into yourself, develop new ways of being as a trainer and learn about other’s non-verbal communication. you will have an opportunity to look at your own blocks, challenges and strengths, as well as how this applies practically to immediate issues you are facing.

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On Friday 9th September, we will be having our next Trainers & Developers Network meeting in London.

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