A few of us met on Friday 7 June to say farewell to TDN. We were joined by our administrator, Debbie Stanfield and, by the wonders of modern technology, Conny Decher all the way from Germany. We were also joined in spirit by several others as we read out their messages of condolences.

We each remembered what had drawn us to this wonderful community and what we had gained from it. That brought up some great reminiscences, and some names from the deep past! We concluded that in its 15+ years TDN had given us:

  • Continuing Professional Development – we have all learned a huge amount, both from fellow members of TDN and from a huge variety of external speakers.
  • Confidence boosting – the opportunity to present at a meeting had also been a chance to expand our knowledge, try out new formats or simply put ourselves and our knowledge ‘out there’
  • Collaboration – several alliances have been formed, with members co-operating on a range of business and personal developments (several of which continue to this day)
  • Career enhancement – we heard from one member who had used the group to discover more about L&D and was persuaded that it was indeed the career for her!

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