Helping Our Clients Through Turbulent Times – March 2017

Facilitated By: Sue Carruthers

Sue Carruthers facilitated a thought-provoking session about the impact of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) on us and our clients, with an emphasis on how we can continue to support our clients through that impact. The ideas generated by the simple question ‘What does VUCA mean for you?’ took us way beyond our usual Introductions session. It was clear very early on that there are many issues, but also many opportunities to those who can ‘surf the wave’.

The meeting was then opened up to those of us who had brought along ideas and resources which could be used in our work with clients. Again, the discussion generated meant that we didn’t get to hear all the ideas. The conversation will, no doubt, continue in the LinkedIn group. A copy of the flipcharts Sue captured, together with links to other resources used during the meeting are available to members in the Past Meetings section of the website.

Jane Setton ran a session on slogans and mottos – what are some of our favourite sayings, and which could be passed on to clients. We also discussed how the exercise could be used to focus a meeting or course – at the beginning to work as an introductory discussion or ice-breaker, or at the end to capture learning – ‘What is the Motto we will take forward through the changes ahead?’

Cornelia Decher showed us a YouTube video by Mark Walsh about ‘What’s Mindless about Mindfulness’ which reminded us that solving problems at the individual level may not be the answer to a problem which is more systemic. It also gave rise to a discussion about how we help people learn to learn, rather than learn facts and concepts which may not be relevant beyond the short term.

Jacqueline Hill showed another video about the Cynefin framework, from Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge. Cynefin is used as a decision-making framework, which also allows us to make sense of situations before taking action. We discussed how it can be used at the global, corporate or individual level, to give us a common language to identify the type of issue we’re facing, together with an appropriate approach.

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