Managing Conflict At Work

Here is the synopsis for our meeting on 7th Dec 2012:

Conflict in organisations can be healthy, but more often than not, it costs organisations dearly: one recent report put the cost to UK businesses at more than £80 million, not to mention the vast mis-channelling of energy and often long-lasting breakdowns in relationships that can result. Recognising the early signs of conflict and knowing how to deal with it is something that’s often overlooked, or thought best to leave to HR, mediators and other specialists. Yet it’s early intervention by line managers that’s usually most important.

In this session, we’ll explore what help trainers can offer to equip ‘non specialists’ to become better at spotting and coping with conflict. Mixing anecdotes, simple ideas and memorable techniques that have been used in training, we’ll examine how the task of teaching conflict management can be approached as an engaging and non-threatening topic.

The session will be facilitated by Clive Johnson, a partner with the conflict specialist The Janus Partnership and co-author of books including ‘Managing Conflict at Work’, ‘Managing Coaching at Work’ and ‘The Complete Guide to Managing People’.

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