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Our Final Meeting

Apologies for the sad news, but we (Sue & Jane) have to tell you that TDN will not be carrying on beyond June in its current format.

Although everyone tells us they get something from the group and the meetings, and those who come to meetings seem to actively engage, the number of people coming tells its own story. Our funds have been declining and we don’t have the reserves to pay room hire and our other expenses. We are also finding it increasingly difficult and time consuming to organise speakers in the light of the declining numbers.

We know you have supported the group in the past so we would love to invite you to join us for what could be our last meeting on 7 June 2019. We would like to celebrate with you what we’ve all achieved over the years through the network. We are also open to your ideas as to how we continue to communicate with each other – it would be a shame to lose the group as a source of information and ideas. The LinkedIn group is ready to be resurrected, for example!

Please let us know whether you will be coming along on 7 June and if you’d prefer morning of afternoon – so we know what size room we’re looking at. (Edit – we are now thinking of a short morning ‘meeting’ followed by lunch.)

We’re thinking we will split the room hire among those of you who are able to come – with an absolute maximum of the normal “pay-as-you go” fee of £45. We will need to find somewhere cheaper than Diorama, so if you know a good room fairly central in London where we could meet, please let us know.

We’re thinking a room above a pub for example, which could be free (or reasonably priced) for a half-day (edit – this will now be late morning and lunch.)

As we say, we are disappointed that things have taken this turn. It is probably a sign of how we all manage our learning nowadays, including online. We are hoping that TDN is simply a victim of its own success in helping you get to where you are today!

With all best wishes and looking forward to seeing you in June.

Sue Carruthers and Jane Parslow

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