Our Next Meeting

Book now for Friday 1st December 2017 for “How we talk shapes how people think and interact”.

Maggie Strudwich of Twenty Twenty HR will lead an interactive workshop on VoicePrint, to help us understand the impact that our voice has on how we communicate with people.

If you believe that how we talk shapes how people think and interact, taking part in the discussion will help you gain an understanding of the nine different voices of VoicePrint. Used in the workplace and our social settings; each of the nine voices has a distinctive purpose and function. We will reflect on the tendency of the voices you use and discuss with each other how these voices impact the “talk” we have with others.

Our Speaker: Margaret Strudwick

Maggie works with clients to deliver the HR solutions that best fit their business environment. With businesses facing change more diversely and frequently, how people manage themselves and others whilst retaining vitality, clear direction and purpose can be challenging. How we talk shapes how people think and interact, bringing our use of talk into conscious awareness can improve the conversations we have.

Where to meet

The meeting will be at: The Old Diorama Arts Centre, 201 Drummond Street, London, NW1 3FE on Friday 1st December 2017.

Notice the change of venue. Sadly we can no longer use Xenia, where we have had many a happy and instructive meeting. Check out location and travel details using the venue link above.

Arriving at 10.00am for networking and a 10:30am start. As usual we will end by 3:30pm.

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