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Book now for Friday 14th September 2018 for:
“Beyond Resilience – the Science Behind Mental Energy and Agility”

‘Resilience’ has become the label of choice for a host of personal development programmes and research over the last decade. On the up side, with so much scientific research in this area, we now know more than ever about our brain and body, we know we can develop our personal resilience and we have an ever increasing mass of tools and techniques to help us.

Today energy, adaptability, agility and confidence are vital to thrive in our professional lives. These and other skills linked to ‘personal success’ and ‘mental toughness’ move the emphasis from merely coping with adversity, to strength in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity and growth for better results.

Join Tina Harris from Stellar Learning at the next meeting to review and share the latest insights in this area. During the session we will:

1. Look at the brain and neuroscience research and how it relates to mental energy and agility.

2. Share, evaluate and challenge a range of different tools and models designed to build personal resilience.

3. Feel free to bring along your favourite take-away tools, tips and techniques about mental energy and agility to apply to areas like leadership, communication and change management.

Our Speaker: Tina Harris

Tina has successfully combined her experience and expertise in Business Development and People Development throughout her career. She specialises in helping people maximise their impact and performance in a fast changing world. Tina has worked closely with Stella Collins, author of Neuroscience for Learning & Development, for many years and has a particular interest in the neuroscience behind developing mental strength to achieve results.

Where to meet

The Old Diorama Arts Centre

201 Drummond Street, London, NW1 3FE on Friday 14th September 2018.

Arriving at 10.00am for networking and a 10:30am start. As usual we will end by 3:30pm.

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