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Book now for Friday 2nd March 2018 for “Tools and techniques for getting things done and collaborating”.

When you are busy with client work and life in general it’s not always easy to find the time to look around and see what’s new out there, that might be of help. This month Jane Parslow and Anne Cannings will share some tools and techniques that they have found useful and interesting.

Collaboration Cards from Let’s Go

We all face challenges that are crying out for skilful collaboration and we know the power of the right conversation to unlock performance. But how to identify the right conversations? The Collaboration Cards have been developed with input from psychologists, artists, sports coaches and business leaders. The purpose of the cards is to put the right conversations on the table, so teams can move towards their potential. First they outline the different dynamics of groups, then they offer up the conversations you need to have.

Jane was recently introduced to the cards and will facilitate a session with a view to helping you uncover how you could use the cards in a variety of situations – with teams or individuals, to kick off or close a project, as a facilitator or a manager. The cards are currently in an extended beta test, so this is an opportunity for TDN members to get a ‘sneak preview’.

A Guide to Getting Things Done

If you have ever

  • sat in a meeting and wondered why you were there or where it was going
  • come away from a client wondering how to capture what they really want from an assignment
  • given your boss a piece of work back, only to be told “that’s not right”
  • delegated a piece of work only to be disappointed at what was produced
  • wondered how to help a team clarify their goals and what they need to do

Then this workshop is for you.

In this experiential workshop Anne will introduce some of the key tools based on the work of Ralph Coverdale, in particular ideas around purpose and planning for success. You will have a chance to learn about them through participation and discussion, as well as an opportunity to apply them to your own situation / project / team, helping you plan and develop a successful task, meeting or project.

Our Speakers:


Jane Parslow

Jane Parslow is a coach and consultant, working with people in transition. Her background includes over 30 years in project management consultancy for major corporates and she now uses those skills to help individuals with their personal projects. She is passionate about helping people put their learning into practice, enabling them to define and achieve their goals. Jane works with individuals and teams and collaboration has always been at the centre of her work.

Anne Cannings

Anne is an organisational development consultant, coach and writer with over 30 years’ experience. Following 20 years in the engineering, IT and science sector, she has been an independent consultant for the last 18 years focusing on leadership, team and individual development. She believes organisational performance comes from personal performance and that every day is a learning day.

Anne first came across the work of Ralph Coverdale in the 1990s and has been using and training others about it ever since.

Where to meet

The Old Diorama Arts Centre

201 Drummond Street, London, NW1 3FE on Friday 2nd March 2017.

Arriving at 10.00am for networking and a 10:30am start. As usual we will end by 3:30pm.

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