Situational Leadership – September 2015

Anne Cannings gave us a very interesting and thought-provoking morning on Situational Leadership.

She began with a section on how Hersey and Blanchard, together and separately, developed the different aspects of the SL model and went on to outline the four situations and development stages covered by it. The emphasis was on aligning one’s management style to an individual’s needs. With that in mind, Anne then set us to work on thinking about how to apply the model to four different scenarios: Training Development, Coaching, Delegation and Monkey Management.

The general conclusion was on identifying techniques appropriate to people’s preferred styles, as well as stressing flexibility of approach. A copy of the presentation can be found in the archive.

In the afternoon session, we used a ‘face-to-face LinkedIn group’ to discuss various questions raised by members of the group. Topics were: trends in L&D, classroom training vs other methods, measuring ROI on training and coaching, trends in performance management (in the light of some organisations abandoning formal annual appraisals), and the use of technology in training.

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