Solution-Focused Group Coaching & Action Learning – June 2016

Facilitated By: Cornelia Decher & Caragh Lewis

Cornelian Decher and Caragh Dewis led a really interesting and hands on session, which compared and contrasted the different approaches of Solution Focused Group Coaching and Action Learning.

There were different levels of familiarity with these methods in the room so it was good to get the chance to clarify and add to our understanding. Caragh and Cornelia helped us see where they shared underlying principles and differences and to explore which approach might be most useful with different groups or in different situations.

Best of all however was that we learned by doing. Caragh expertly led us through working on a real problem in a live action learning set in the morning. This really challenged all of us to stick to open questions and not use leading questions or offer advice. In the afternoon Cornelia led us through a group session using the solution focused approach, incorporating techniques such as future perfect visualisation, scaling and role play.

We all learning a lot about the theory and the practice of the methods and those whose “problems” were the subject of the group work also got useful insights and actions to go work on further.

We all agreed that putting these methods into practice in another TDN meeting, would be useful so keep a look out for this in future meetings and you can access a copy of the presentation in the archive.

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