Street Wisdom – June 2017

Facilitated By: Jane Parslow

Jane Parslow facilitated a very thought-provoking and useful session on Street Wisdom.

To give some context, Street Wisdom involves using our environment to help us find clues and answers – perhaps to problems we may have struggled to find answers for using more conventional means – or simply giving us new insights into existing problems and challenges in our lives.

The session was run around the South Bank. Anywhere urban, we later learned in our debrief, can work.

We started with warm up exercises which involved us going for short exploratory walks with specific instructions – such as slowing right down – then checking back in with Jane. Although these were only warm ups they were thought provoking in terms of what we were starting to notice. After that we shared the thing we wanted to work on to make sure it was clear enough then it was off for the main walk round.

At the end, we checked in all together again and shared the insights we were comfortable to share. I guess with a group that didn’t know each other this might have been different.

We debriefed the activity – asking a raft of questions to find out more about the process – then finished the day discussing how we might use Street Wisdom in our work, coming up with a number of very different situations where it could be used.

Overall it was an extremely helpful session – both in terms of giving new insights into real world problems and also introducing us to a technique which can easily transferred to our work and which could be meaningful and useful to them.

Thank you, Jane, for a great session.

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