The March 2012 TDN Session

The March TDN session, ‘Happiness at Work’ run by Mark Thomas, was both informative and fun, giving us an opportunity to hear about research into what constitutes happiness in the workplace and to try out new tools to achieve it for ourselves and for others.

High spots for me included: ‘banking the highs’, an exercise in remembering our potential through positive feedback from others; the concept of ‘recovery time’ (so now I can justify to myself those reading and tea breaks!); and the really useful conversations I had with various TDN colleagues whilst trying out the tools on each other.

The session has made me even more committed to my self-imposed focus for this year, which is to make more of what I already have, and provoked much thought on how to be more productive at the things that will not only improve my business but also make it much more personally enjoyable.

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