Understanding Innovation and Rekindling Imaginations – December 2018

Facilitated By: Chris Corbin of Mindplay Imagination Ltd

Chris brought with him a range of tools and ideas to rekindle our imaginations. We covered a wide range of topics and explored for ourselves how idea-generation strategies could work for us as individuals and for the teams we work with.

After introducing ourselves with pictures and quotes chosen from Chris’s card sets, we discussed the difference between creativity (coming up with something new) and innovation (implementing the new idea to deliver value). Chris outlined his ideas of where optimal innovation takes place, at the intersection of the individual, process, culture and leadership – not a very big space! Everything needs to work together to encourage divergent thinking, until maximum bizarre is reached, followed by convergent thinking to narrow down to one idea.

We explored different ways of stimulating the imagination through storytelling, imagery, metaphor and symbolism. Chris gave us some alarming figures about how rapidly ‘creative genius’ disappears after the age of just five! (Given how we reached ‘maximum bizarre’ with our own stories this was particularly surprising.) We had fun with a really short story format – the 6-word Story.

Exploring Imagery illustrated just how differently we all see pictures, even when we’re just looking at the literal content. When it gets to emotions and interpretations the divergence is even wider.

We finished the day by looking at the Disney Process – dream, critique, reality – all following Disney’s very strict rules about keeping those processes separate, in different times and physical locations. The original creative ideas need to be iterated many times until there are no obstacles to implementation.

Chris Corbin can be contacted at: chris@mindplayimagination.com or 07710 488 627. The photo, word and quote cards he used can be purchased at the website mindplayimagination.com.

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