World Values Day – September 2017

Facilitated By: Charles Fowler

Charles Fowler of the UK Values Alliance led a productive session on Values. Starting with a quote from Elvis (!), and a discussion about values and how we use them currently, we were asked to complete our individual values inventory, narrowing it down to the top 5 in order of importance. After comparing notes, we then considered the top 5 (in order) for the Trainers and Developers Network. The first thing we noticed was how different our personal values lists were, but how consistently we had ranked those for TDN. It was a relief that there was such close agreement!

Charles then took us through the World Values Day One Hour Challenge – One Hour, One Value, One Change. We chose the value for TDN which we are not honouring as much as we would like. We chose Engagement, as we felt that attendance at meetings and lower use of the LinkedIn group than we hoped for indicated something lacking in that area.

In two groups, we brainstormed what we could do to encourage engagement, and after sharing between the groups came up with an approach we called “Bring a Date to Meetings”. Charles did a great job of holding us to account on that – see the picture for our signed undertaking! With a client group you can also capture other ideas and the agreement as to how to follow them up.

Charles ended the day by telling us more about World Values Day, to be held this year on 19 October, and encouraged us to run the Challenge with our clients on the day itself or in the lead up to it. An introductory video by Simon Sinek provides a good overview and useful resources are available on the World Values Day website ( Charles has also made them available in the Resources area for TDN members. For more information about the UK Values Alliance, see

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